You Are Deeply Loved


Whatever this day holds, you bring God’s presence to one of His needy children today.

He’s chosen you to be God’s on-site caregiver. You do it out of love. But sometimes…in all the pressures of everyday demands…the warmth of our giving can often run dry.

When that happens…you need to be cared for. Remind yourself of how deeply you are loved – by family, by the person you care for even if they are limited in their ability to show that love. But don’t stop there. When you can, get to a quiet place for a few moments to remind yourself that…

You are deeply and wondrously loved by our most compassionate God.

And allow yourself to be strengthened as you draw on the endless resources of His love and care.

Help me, O Lord, to remember that, in all of today’s pressures, you care for me. Amen.

Photo courtesy of Ken Jones, copyright 2016

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