Why Wait?

Waiting! I confess. I don’t do it well. I move…almost automatically…from praying to planning how and when the LORD will answer my prayers. Or who he will use as part of his answer. Or what I need to do to help answer my prayer. Anything but waiting. But…

I’m beginning to see that waiting is an important part of prayer. Maybe even an essential part. It creates a kind of testing time, sharpening my sense of the depth of  the need. And it teaches me a quiet, patient listening, allowing the Holy Spirit to clarify my sense of the need. And only waiting may show me a need beneath the  need for which I’m praying. And waiting teaches me to release the answers I  anticipate, surrendering them to the wisdom of our all-knowing LORD.

And waiting time is for wonder and anticipation. For worship and surrender.We  wait…patiently. But we wait. Not in some outer court or sterile waiting room. We wait in response to a royal invitation into the awesome presence of our always- loving, all-sufficient LORD, the King above all other Kings. And the waiting begins to become a wondrous part of our LORD’s answer.

Prayer – LORD, forgive my impatience and teach me the wonder of waiting. Amen.

Photo courtesy of Ken Jones, copyright 2017

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