When the Task Seems Too Great


Discouragement hides its head. It can feel like a lack of energy. There’s a

score of things to be done, but everything in you says “just sit”. But “just sitting”

doesn’t fix the way you’re feeling. In fact, it can make things worse. It did for me


By sheer force of will, I made myself take care of two little things that had

been nagging me. Then, like a gentle gift, I felt drawn to be quiet. It was prayer…

but without words. Just a sense of reaching out. Or up. Then, slowly, there came a

sense that what I was feeling was discouragement. A discouragement of my own

making. I had taken on a task too big. The task was good…and noble. But I wasn’t

meant to do it alone. I needed to share the weight of responsibility with others. I

needed more than help. Others had already offered help. The problem was that I

needed to trust those that had offered. To trust the love, the integrity, the

experience they will bring to our task.

If there is no one to share your caregiving tasks, I pray that you will find

someone. And then I pray that you will be given the gifts of trust and patience to

let them carry just a little of the weight you bear.

Lord, help me to see that there are levels of trust and patience which come

only as gifts from your loving hand. Amen.

Photo courtesy of Ken Jones, copyright 2016

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