When the Lord Provides Lunch


The crowd had been listening to Jesus teaching. ..for hours. They were attentive. His words were like food. Good, solid, nourishing food. Their souls were full.

But their stomachs? That was a different story. They were hungry. The twelve disciples had a solution. “Send the crowd away so that they find lodging and food.” But Jesus wasn’t in the “send the crowd away” business. He never is!

Instead, then…and now…his response to need is to say to his disciples, both then…and now…“You give them something to eat.” And their answer was that the  little they had couldn’t possibly feed five thousand men, plus women and children.

You know the story. Jesus blessed a little boy’s lunch – five small buns and two little fish – and fed the whole crowd until everyone had “as much as they wanted”. And even then there were leftovers – “twelve basketsful”.

Today…just as our Lord used a little boy’s lunch, let him use your quiet service to meet the needs you see today. He always honors sacrifice.

Photos by Ken Jones. Copyright 2016

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