When our “Batteries” are Low

Some days are high energy. You feel as if you could take on the world…and WIN. The day ahead is challenging, but challenges only work to deepen your faith. You’ve a confidence…but not of your own making. It’s one of our LORD’s good gifts, one that makes the day feel like a loving partnership…an energized partnership.

Then there are those other days. Days when even routine caring is a challenge. Days…or maybe just times in your day when “energized” turns to “enervated”. That word may be new, but the feeling isn’t. It means “to be drained of energy or vitality”. Or consider these synonyms: “exhausted”, “tired”, “fatigued”, or “spent emotionally”,

But definitions don’t heal. We need help in coping with that drained feeling. Is it simply sheer exhaustion? Disappointment? Improvement that has hit a snag? Criticism? Help promised…but not fulfilled? These…and scores of other attitudes and actions “drain” our energy and “strain” our spirit.

When our “batteries” are low…it’s time to recharge. Seek our LORD’s help in recognizing and dealing with the situations that drain our spirit. And allow him to re-energize us with a sense of being called to partner with him in caring.

Prayer – LORD, help me to see clearly the attitudes and actions – my own, or those of others – that leave me drained, and fill with your energy. Amen

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