What’s “Good” about Good Friday?

History’s darkest day has come to be remembered as GOOD FRIDAY. But what can possibly be good about a crucifixion? Wouldn’t Dark Friday be a more fitting name? For the little company that dared to follow Jesus to the cross, hope seemed defeated. The Jesus story was coming to a bitter, sad end. But wait…

What seemed like the end was, in fact, a bright new beginning. The repentant thief found an open door to paradise. Instead of vengeance, with his last breath Jesus pled for forgiveness for his crucifiers. In a loving, tender touch, he appointed a trusted caregiver to support his broken-hearted mother. Then for the multiplied millions throughout history who would come to that cross in repentance he purchased new life…life at its fullest and richest and deepest…with his death.

It is in humility… repentance…and faith that the darkness of that Friday turns to hope and fulfillment for us. Broken spirits find healing and new purpose for living. And as caregivers, our lives and our labor can take on the grace and compassion that flows from our Savior’s sacrificial heart.

This is what makes this holy day of sacrifice a…GOOD FRIDAY, the best of all Fridays.

Prayer – Humbly, LORD, I come to your cross for forgiveness and renewal, for new purpose and power. Amen

Photo courtesy of Jill Naumann, copyright 2017

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