George and Ira Gershwin had a way of capturing the longings of the human heart in their music. In the ‘50’s Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald…and some of the older ones among us…sang of one of those longings: “O how I need someone to watch over me.”

For the one you care for, those are not simply lines from an old song. They’re a day-in-day out necessity. And you do the “watching over”. Hour after hour. Day after day. Call it “watchfulness”, “vigilance”, being “observant” – even add “loving” in front of each of those words – it’s still demanding and draining…maybe even more so because it’s love’s demand.

There is a watchfulness that supports you in your caring. A vigilant partner who knows and supports you in love’s daily demands. The psalmist called him “a help always present in trouble” (Psalm 46:1 NIV). And that “helper” can turn our weariness into watchfulness.

Our LORD is your strength. No concern of yours is too small for his attention. Sparrows may be among the least of his creation, but he watches over them. “You” and the one you care for “are of more value than many sparrows.” (Matt. 10:31)

Prayer – Ever watchful LORD, deepen my sensitivity to need. Help me to be your watchful eyes and heart. Amen.

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