Turning a Task into a Treasure

Study after study points out the challenges of caregiving. And, if we were asked, each of us could quickly put together our own very personal list. Not policy issues. They’re beyond us. But the closer-to-home, very personal issues that can so easily wear us down. Things like taking care of ourselves…in order to be able to continue taking care of others.

To some self-care sounds selfish. “We’re called to serve others”. But a lift to your spirit has a way of touching others…deeply. Here are some simple steps:

Instead of struggling with what we haven’t done, let’s recognize the grace that God  has given us. Celebrate every act or attitude of compassion and patience you see in yourself and in others. Give thanks.

Begin to approach the most routine procedure as if you were giving a gift of life. In the simplest of acts you are privileged to be the loving, supportive hands of our LORD.

Fill your cup with joy. FULL. And even FULLER. Then give it away, as freely as our LORD gives it to you. There’s no such thing as too much joy.

And one more thing: the person you serve is much more than a care-receiver. They can be a giver. They have history, experience, wisdom and insights as well as the attitudes and opinions we encounter. Honor them by listening. You may discover a treasure.

Prayer – LORD, in all the routines of this day may I be source of joy. Amen

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