Touching the Heart


A simple touch can be gentle or firm. It can quiet and reassure. It can say “I love you”, or “I’m with you”, or even “I’m trying to understand”. Sometime today it may be the richest, deepest gift you can give to the one you care for.

Jesus touched people. It was his way of saying “I’m here. And I’m for you.”  He took strangers by the hand and walked with them. He touched blinded eyes and leprous skin. His disciples turned children away because he was too busy. But, as if he had all the time in the world, Jesus welcomed squirming children into his loving embrace. And to this day we cherish the warmth of that scene.

Today…let your touch, whether it be strong or tender, be the loving, compassionate, healing touch of Jesus.

Jesus touches those you serve through you.

Photo courtesy of Alek Zaslawski (, copyright 2016

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