To Wait, To Trust


Time. Sometimes it seems to rush by and leave you exhausted with the fast paced demands of caring. Then there are times when it moves at a snail’s pace. You wait…and wait still more. You wait for a doctor to return your phone call. You wait for a medicine to take its calming effect. And with the waiting…anxiety builds.

Both the frustration of having to wait, and the sometimes reluctant willingness to wait are both signs of the depth of your caring and  compassion. You want others to care as much as you do. But impatience is like a hot wind that dries the soul of everyone it touches.

Compassionate, confident care is rooted in the solid truth that day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, God is in control. The psalmist saw himself as “a  broken vessel”, but he found comfort in the fact that “my times are in your hand”. (Psalm 31:15) THE MESSAGE translation of that Scripture puts that verse in true caregiver language, “Hour by hour I put my days in your hand.”

We may still have to wait for the doctor’s call or a score of other things, but knowing that your times, and the times of the one for whom you care are in the Lord’s hands can help us wait with a quieter, more trusting heart.

Lord, help me to trust that “my times are in your hand”. Amen

Photos courtesy of Ken Jones, copyright 2016

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