Three-fold Strength

Many a caregiver serves alone. Sometimes it’s because there’s literally no one else to help. So…you just bear the load and pray for grace and strength…”enough, LORD, just for this day!”

Then there are those troubling situations where others could help…but don’t. You try to live with the “reasons” they give. But sometimes you can’t help feeling that those “reasons” are just excuses. Maybe, if you hadn’t taken the lead…

But the deeper the sense of aloneness, the harder it is to summon the qualities that deepen the care in caregiving: compassion, kindness, patience “Though one may be overpowered”, the author of Ecclesiastes wrote, “…a cord of three strands is not quickly broken” (4:12).

When you feel over-powered, over-extended or over-anything, you are held by our LORD’s three- fold strength:

He loves you without any reservations, He empowers you without limits, and He supports you in your deepest times of darkness and doubt.

Prayer – LORD, fill my loneliest, weakest days and nights with your three-fold strength. Amen

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