“There is a river…


who’s  springs bring joy to the city of God.” (Psalm 46:4)

Weary caregiver, you and I are that “city of God”, He lives with us, and in us. The work we do is his work. Even the most uncomfortable task you will face today, it is his work.

And he partners with you, his caregiver. The tasks of this day may be routine or demanding, simple or stressful. But in each of them, our Lord has promised to give you “springs” that will bring joy to each task you face.

He has not promised that the task itself will be joyful. He does not ask that you view dark or unpleasant situations with some magical “rose-colored glasses”. But if you see your task as serving our Lord, dressing his wounds, massaging his weary body, relieving his pain, you can begin to see the darkest task as a privilege. And in that privilege we can begin to discover the “river springs” of his presence, and the “joy” he has promised.

Lord, make my work today an experience of your gift of joy. Amen.

Photo courtesy of Ken Jones, copyright 2016

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