The Wisdom of Waiting

It seems as if the modern soul was not made for waiting. We live in an era that demands rapid response. We eat at fast food places. We often pay extra for same day delivery…or at least next day. Waiting isn’t in our vocabulary anymore. In quieter days, waiting used to mean anticipation. Now…waiting seems to have come to mean wasting time.

The Psalms – our time-tested guidebook on prayer – approach the pressures of life from a totally different perspective. They offer no instant solutions. Instead…over and over again the psalms call us to “wait on the LORD”. (Psa. 27:14) In anxious times, the psalmist goes even further, calling us to “wait patiently”. (Psa. 37:7)

Waiting allows the LORD to reshape our prayers, showing us needs we hadn’t recognized. Or attitudes that hinder his work in and through us. And sometimes “waiting on the LORD” (Isaiah 40:31) is not so much about getting answers to our prayers as it is opening our eyes and our hearts to the wonder of GOD’s love…and power…and purpose – beholding “ the beauty of the LORD”. (Psalm 27:4)

Prayer – I’m not good at waiting. Quiet my heart, LORD, so that I may see your beauty and love you more deeply. Amen

Photo courtesy of Jill Naumann, copyright 2017

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