The Touch that Heals


Bandaging a wound of the one you care for is most likely a skill you’ve long-since mastered. What you once did cautiously…is now a familiar routine. Like the old saying, you could almost do it “with your eyes closed”. And the same is most likely true of a dozen or more of your daily acts of caring.

By contrast, we all approach some new task with caution. Because we care, we move more slowly. Making sure we’re getting it right. And almost without thinking about it our caution becomes an expression of tenderness. A tenderness that aids in healing.

The most broken, the most brittle, cry out for our tender touch.

Though they may not be able to express it, their inner restlessness pleads for us to pause for a moment before the most routine of procedures to offer a silent prayer for the healing that only the peace of Christ can bring.

May your care for the body express an even deeper care of the soul.

Photo courtesy of Alek Zaslawski (, copyright 2016

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