The Source of Help

The psalmist said: “I will lift up my eyes to the hills…” (Psalm 121:1)  At first glance that sounds like good advice for a desert traveler.  Hills could be a source of surprise and danger, a hiding place for enemies.  Or they could be a refuge, a place of protection in times of danger.

But the writer wasn’t simply posting an ancient travel warning.  Whatever the “hills” of our lives may bring us, what challenge we are called upon to face, expected or unexpected, he asks “where does…help come from?”

And his answer echoes loud and strong in the dark “caverns” of our questions and uncertainties: “My help comes from the LORD”.  Then…uncertain souls ask of his experience. “{He is} the Maker of heaven and earth.”  “Forgive me, but can you tell me, is he dependable?”  All eternity witnesses to the fact that he is.  “He will not let your foot slip – he that watches over you will not slumber; indeed, he…will neither slumber nor sleep”. (Psalm 121:2-4)

Attentive, compassionate caregiving is not something of our own invention.  It flows from the forever-trustworthy, forever-caring heart of our LORD to caregiver and care recipient.

Prayer – LORD, help me today to be a channel of your ever-faithful help,  Amen

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