The Power of Pondering

Mary’s months of anxious waiting were over. God’s baby boy was here, “wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger”. Out-of-breath shepherds had come from the hill country with stories of angel choirs singing of a Savior’s arrival. But they were gone.

And now, in the quieter awe and wonder of that holy night, Mary’s soul stirred within her. This young girl from Nazareth, the one with the impossible-to-explain pregnancy “treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart”.

We may not hear choirs of angels or have visits from excited shepherds, but in our quietest, holiest moments God speaks to us. A promise of Scripture becomes real and personal. A quiet comes to your searching, praying heart. Like Mary, “treasure” it. Hold it close to your heart. Then learn to “ponder” God’s promise to you. Meditate on it. Let the wonder of that Word of encouragement or guidance become a part of you. Be willing to take the time to let it grow in you. Like Mary, we may have a hundred questions about what God is doing in us, and what our next steps should be. Learn from Mary…the power of pondering.

Prayer – LORD, teach me to wait in wonder for you to fulfill your promise. Amen

Photo courtesy of Ken Jones, copyright 2016

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