Tender Mercies

Some days…caregiving is simply routine. You do this in the morning, and something else just after lunch.  You follow the doctor’s instructions. You make sure the right medicines are taken at the right time. You have a “to-do” list written down. Or, more-likely, it’s in your head. Routines help to make your days manageable.

But what about the unexpected? The mood changes in the one you care for? Frustration? Rage? Emotional withdrawal? Or insistent demands? Lashing-out bursts of anger? How do you deal with this dark side of caregiving?

When a blind beggar heard that Jesus was just down the road he called out “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” He“called out”? I imagine he hollered. Pent-up anger, years of frustration, hope and more, combined in that plea. And when the crowd told him to be quiet, “he shouted all the more”.

The one you serve lives day after day with a deepening sense of loss…and that loss may show itself in a whole range of disturbing emotions. May our ever-compassionate LORD give you the special grace needed to respond as Jesus did – with tender mercies.

Prayer – Merciful LORD, make me a tender, caring instrument of your peace and understanding. Amen

Photo courtesy of Jill Naumann, copyright 2017

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