Strength for the Task

During your day today – in fact, every day – good days and bad, there are things that invigorate you, moments meant to be cherished: a scripture comes to mind with the sense that it was just for you, like a breeze from above you sense the LORD’s quieting presence in the midst of a “storm”, a friend comes by, unexpected, to offer help, you share a special moment with the one you care for – an unexpected smile, a special “thank you”. Or some troubling duty goes “right” – finally. Savor these surprises.

The strengthening power of these surprise moments comes from savoring them. Allow yourself the satisfaction of a deep breath. Be grateful. Take time to contemplate the depth of the gift you’ve been given. Whether small or great…treat it as precious. Treat is as life-giving. It is.

Why not create a “Thank you, LORD” notebook? Write your thoughts about these special moments. Putting the experience into words makes it more meaningful. It helps you see things you didn’t see at first. And it will serve as a source of encouragement and a reminder to be open to our LORD’s intervention in uncertain days ahead.

Approach today, confessing your need for our LORD’s invigorating gifts –

reminders of his loving care – meant to sustain you in all the routines of caring.

Prayer – Open my senses today, LORD, that I may see and draw strength from your supportive gift-moments. Amen

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