Stilling Storms


Urgent needs demand action now! There’s no “let me finish this and then I’ll…”. It’s red flags and sirens time. You know the situation calls for a quiet, steady feet-firmly-on-the –ground response. Your head knows that, but your emotions respond differently. Where’s that “inner quiet” when you need it?

That’s why we’re together right now. We need the comfort of knowing that you promise inner quiet. We need to begin this day or night with a fresh realization that we are deeply loved by the God of the universe. The One who put stars and planets in motion…and keeps them there…is in complete control in any situation. He speaks peace to whatever storms you may face. The strength you need to respond to any and all crises is not yours. It’s his! Quiet confidence is his loving gift that is always ready for you to draw upon. His limitless resources are yours for the taking. No panic prayers needed. Just quiet trust. His presence is at its deepest in the midst of any situation that caregiving can produce.

If you are caring for a family member or other loved one, your caring is deepened by the depth of your relationship. Service goes deeper. Your relationship make it caring service. And the ability to serve in quietness, even in stressful times, comes from a relationship – our relationship with our ever constant, ever present, eternal Caregiver.

Lord, whatever this day brings, help me to draw on the strength that comes from knowing that you are ever present.

Photos courtesy of Ken Jones, copyright 2016

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