Step Out of the Traffic

A couple of days ago I looked online for a product I needed. Mostly I was comparison shopping. Checking features and, of course, prices. I didn’t buy anything. But one of the vendors simply won’t give up. Every time I turn on my computer…off to the side of the screen is an ad for the product I looked at days ago.

That’s only one small example of the fact that we live in a world of demands. Scores of voices compete for our attention. Many a voice seems to cry out “Urgent! Attend to me!” And caring for another often brings deeply moving demands. Demands of both hands…and heart.

In the midst of these demands, one small but insistent voice calls out “Be still!” And the busier we are, the more demands on our time and energy, the more urgent our heart pleads, “Be still!” Not for the stillness alone. But because the “stillness”…the stepping away from the busy, tangled traffic of life, comes with our Father’s promise: “…and know that I am God”. (Psalm 46:10)

This “stillness” produces a “knowing” …a certainty that God is in control in troubled situations…or uncertain conditions. Take time today to shut out the “noise” of life, and draw deep, renewing strength from our LORD’s renewing voice.

Prayer – Teach me, O LORD, the power of quiet listening for your voice. Amen

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