Soul Food


This devotion is part of a series that began on January 2nd. If you are just joining us, you may want to read the earlier devotions.

There’s something so daily about caregiving. Daily responsibilities. Daily  demands. And with those demands comes the need for daily support. It helps to  have someone who can share in the caregiving. But our deepest challenges can only be met by a full supply of inner resources. Like our bodies need daily food, our souls need daily nourishment.

When the Israelites travelled through the desert, GOD gave them a one-day-at-a- time supply of food. Every morning they awoke to a fresh supply of manna – food from heaven. But each day’s supply of manna had to be gathered, ground, shaped and baked before it could provide needed nourishment for the day.

I’m finding that the same is true for my journey. Daily strength for daily demands comes from something like the Israelites’ process. I need to “gather” a daily assurance of GOD’s faithfulness. I need to “grind and shape” the promises of Scripture, making them my own. And the “baking”? That’s the time I spend in quietness, allowing the presence and power of our LORD to become the” bread” that will sustain me for the day’s journey

Our LORD faithfully provides the” manna” we need for today…and all of our caregiving tomorrows. Gather it! Shape it! Bake it! And be nourished!

Prayer – LORD, teach me to prepare my heart for your soul food. Amen


In Loving Memory

Throughout this month, the Caregiver Prayer Team honors Fritz Benning who  passed into the presence of his LORD on December 10, 2016. He was a beloved brother in this ministry and one of our founding partners. We commend his wife and family to GOD’s loving care.

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