Simple Prayer

In his book, “Pocket Prayers” the gifted writer, Max Lucado, reminds us that Jesus’ disciples did not ask him to teach them “how to pray”. They simply asked him to “teach us to pray”.

Throughout your busy caregiving day there may not be time for extended, detailed prayers. But there is always time and space for urgent prayers of the heart. Prayers that are short on detail, but long and deep in their urgency.

There are books and books that talk about the posture of prayer. Or the correct language of prayer. And others that tell of great answers to prayer. But, in urgent situations we seldom need instruction on how sto pray. We just need to pray!

We don’t ask a drowning man to describe his condition and location. “Help!” That’s all that’s needed. And humans risk life and limb to reach him. In the rough seas of your today, “Help me, LORD!” is enough. That simple prayer is a plea for heaven’s rescue. It is a sign that your busy heart is open. Listening. Expecting.

LORD, teach me to pray. And teach me to expect your wise, loving answer. Amen

Photo courtesy of Ken Jones, copyright 2017

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