Resources Beyond Your Own

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So much of caregiving can become routine. Today you’ll do what you’ve done for a host of yesterdays. And that feeling of dullness can take the “care” out of caregiving.

But you were not meant to live – or serve – in an emotional desert of dry routine. Even deserts have oases with palm trees and refreshing wells of water. Places for strengthening and renewal for the demands of the journey ahead.

Every day of caregiving can be an emotional rollercoaster, a mixture of a sense of dutiful responsibility and a loving response of the heart. But, regardless of the circumstances in which you serve, you have been called to bless a broken life. Not with your own resources. Deep fountains of sensitivity and an abundant source of tender kindness – far beyond the limits of our human resources – are yours to draw on. Be reassured. In the darkest of circumstances, remind your oft uncertain heart that, in the day’s routine and in its most pressing crises, you bring the sustaining presence of our most compassionate Lord.

Lord, thank you for calling me to be your tender, loving hands today. Amen

Photo courtesy of Jack Wiens, copyright 2016

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