Resources Beyond Our Own

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As a caregiver, you have a high calling. It was not simply some particular set of circumstances that put you where you are. You were chosen. It was our Heavenly Father’s doing. You are his loving gift – his supportive, calming presence to the one you care for.

That won’t alter the demands you will face today. Problems will be just as real. Crises will be just as demanding. But it can open your heart to discover a wealth of inner resources that can change and deepen the way you respond to today’s demands.

We serve the best when we are the most dependent on God’s strength.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit”, Jesus said. (Matthew 5:3) But the “poverty” he spoke of had nothing to do with how much money someone had or didn’t have.  Or their status in life. Instead, he was saying, “Blessed, radiantly joyful, is the [person] who realizes his [or her] utter helplessness and has put his [or her] whole trust in God.” (Matthew 5:3)

Lord, help me experience the radiant joy of trusting your resources.

Photos by Ken Jones. Copyright 2016

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