Resources Beyond Our Own


True caring is a matter of the heart. It requires mental alertness and, often, physical stamina. But at its core it is a tender, costly thing. It is a willingness to let ourselves experience a wide spectrum of emotions. We can go from darkness…to dreary routine…to brief moments of sheer joy. But in each of those experiences, in a strength far beyond our own, we are the quiet, reassuring presence of Jesus. Regardless of our emotions, or perhaps in spite of our emotions, we are the bearer of Christ’s peace, not our own. The carrier of his hope, not ours.

In each of today’s caregiving tasks you are much more than the sum of your emotions. Far more than your accumulated wisdom. Far, far more than the breadth of your experience. And thankfully, stronger than the weakest of your weaknesses. You bring to a bedside, to a walker or wheelchair, the strong, reassuring presence of our Lord. You care because He cares. You give because He gives.

You will still feel the full sweep of emotions. You will still experience the ebb and flow of energy. But as you keep an open, trusting heart, in a way that none of us can explain, your quiet, faithful presence becomes Christ’s presence. You are Christ’s chosen, deeply loved caregiver. Whatever this day may bring…let his infinite resources serve through you.

Lord, thank you that, regardless of feelings or circumstances, I can be a bearer of your limitless love and caring. Amen

Photos courtesy of Ken Jones, copyright 2016

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