Quieting Life-storms


As surely as winds can stir even the quietest of lake surfaces, ill winds of irritation are almost inevitable in caring for another. And, if not resolved, irritations can so easily turn into storms of anger. Then, as anger simmers, it tends to flare, scarring everyone it touches.

It takes a quiet, settled heart to deal with anger. An open heart that looks inward first. An examined heart that dares to face its own fault, before finding the blame in the other. A faith-filled heart that seeks the God-given power to change. And then, when the fault is in the other, a patient, grace-filled, healing heart to ease the process of change in the other. And finally, an expectant, trusting heart to believe that none of these anger-stilling qualities are of our own doing. They are our Father’s good and generous gifts.

Our Lord quieted the stormy waters of Galilee. But, perhaps the greater miracle is that he quieted the angry, frustrated storms in the hearts of his disciples.

Lord, speak your peace to the storms I face today.

Photos by Ken Jones. Copyright 2016

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