Precious Moments


Some of your most precious experiences as a caregiver are the quiet moments spent with the one you care for. You may have been sharing old memories, or laughing together over yesterday’s mishaps. And then, in the warmth of those moments, conversation stopped, and you experienced the sheer joy of just being together. It was as if the two of you were more truly one.

Our LORD longs to share that kind of relationship with you. He delights to hear our prayers. We’re invited to “pray without ceasing”. He understands our deepest longings – even those pains we cannot put into words.

Then, as in all meaningful relationships, our Divine Caretaker longs for those precious times when conversation ceases…and we share the quiet awe and wonder of simply being with him. His eternal love reaches out…and our parched, hungry hearts respond. We may be drawn into the reverence of an inner, trusting quiet. Sometimes our hearts may be lifted with a sense of pure joy. Or our dry, parched souls may feel watered by a renewing rain of heaven. It is those precious moments that bring a lift to your spirit…and to your caring.

Let your hungry heart experience our Father’s loving, life-renewing presence today.

Lord, help me to have a heart that hungers to love you more deeply. Amen

Photo courtesy of Ken Jones, copyright 2016

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