Praying With Joy


Have you ever prayed prayers of frustration? Or desperation? We all have. And we have all prayed prayers for which we have no words. In a dark moment, the deepest places in us reach out with perhaps nothing more than a sigh of resignation…or an inexpressible cry. Something in the deep us knows that those kinds of “rescue prayers” are heard in heaven.

But if there is such a thing as a spectrum of prayers, at the opposite end of that spectrum in “praying with joy”. It’s a “remembering” kind of prayer. The Apostle Paul spoke of “constantly praying with joy in every one of [his] prayers” for the Philippian Christians. (Philippians 1:4) Like him you can thankfully remember evidences of the goodness of God and his faithfulness to you…and to the one you care for. Little things…and great. Everyday things…and special graces…and unexpected gifts from God’s good hand.

Look for reasons for joy in your day…or nighttime caring. Welcome it. Pause, and let it take root…and grow. Give it away. Share it with the one you care for Even in desert times…recall the joys. Treat joys as “soul medicine”, to be taken several times daily and “refill your prescription” as often as needed.

Lord, teach me to experience the refreshing that comes from “praying with joy”. Amen

Photos courtesy of Ken Jones, copyright 2016

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