Plotting Answers to Prayers

I have a list of people I’m praying for. Some of them have sent prayer requests to our Caregiver Prayer Team. And I have another list: people I think could help with this ministry. People with social media skills. And people who could help with financial support. I think they could be the answer to our prayers.

Every caregiver faces pressing needs. Survival needs. Who can help with this or that? Who could share the loud or provide even brief relief?

Prayer lists are good. We often need the discipline they provide. But I have a hard time leaving my list in the hands of the LORD. In moments of frustration I try to figure out what I should do to answer my prayers. Who knows this person…or that? Who could present our need? I begin planning and strategizing the answer to my prayers.

But the right answer, the resource that brings true peace to our struggling heart, comes from knowing that GOD hears. GOD cares. The disciplines of the heart – our waiting and our listening-are freeing the compassionate hand of our LORD to do what is best for those who are learning to trust his wise plan. I still make lists. It’s part of my DNA. But it’s becoming a “Trust-the-LORD list” rather than a “pray…then-make-it-happen list.”

Prayer – Save me, LORD, from the sin of seeking to answer my own prayers. Teach me to trust…and wait. Amen

Photo courtesy of Alek Zaslawski (, copyright 2017

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