Partners in Caring


Jesus sat at supper with his closest friends. Not a supper – like a thousand other supper meals they had shared. This was to be his last supper with them. He knew the darkness he was soon to face. History’s darkest of all earth’s darknesses.

This was to be perhaps the most human of all the recorded moment in the life of GOD’s only Son. You can feel it in Jesus’ words Luke remembered from that dark night: “You’ve no idea how much I have looked forward to eating this Passover meal with you…” (22:15 THE MESSAGE) Like Jesus, caregivers feel the need for trusted supporters, family and friends to be with you. In the routines and the rough places. The “meal” you share with them may only be a cup of tea or coffee, or a quiet time of sensitive reassurance…but, by all means, make time to share.

Out of all the disciples that followed Jesus – both men and women – he chose to share both his most intimate and most stressful moments with only three – Peter, James, and John. They were to share the wonder of his transfiguration…and his dark trial of Gethsemane. In both places they stumbled. Not understanding what was happening. But they were there…with him. He needed them.

We pray that you may have – or find – at least one trusted confidant. A patient ear to hear of your good places. A prayerful heart to help bear the burden of the dark times. And having found that one – or more – that you will have the grace and freedom to draw on their support.

Prayer – Please gift me, LORD, with trusted supporters, true partners in caring. Amen

In Loving Memory


Throughout this month, the Caregiver Prayer Team honors Fritz Benning who passed into the presence of his LORD on December 10, 2016. He was a beloved brother in this ministry and one of our founding partners. We commend his wife and family to GOD’s loving care.

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