Overcoming Mountains


Mountains make majestic scenery. The higher the mountain, the more we look with awe. But climbing a mountain is a totally different matter. One needs to be fit…and have the right equipment. And, preferably…a partner who knows the mountain. A tested and trusted guide.

There are other kinds of mountains on our life-landscape. They seem to be insurmountable. Financial mountains. Emotional mountains. Situations that stand in our way. Challenges that keep us from moving forward to a brighter place.

There is a Tested Guide who knows the “mountains” you face.

The more rugged our emotional terrain, the more we must trust our Guide. Listen as he shows the next step…and then the next. Take comfort that his way is right for you. Know that his good plan is for you to conquer your mountains. Let him lead you to a valley of peace.

Lord, please make my mountains into growth experiences.

Photos by Ken Jones. Copyright 2016

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