Not the Menu! It’s the Master

We’ve been talking together about “the table” (Psalm 23:5) that King David spoke of, a banquet set “in the presence of my enemies”. I started looking through Scripture, exploring the “food” our LORD had put on our banquet-in-the-midst-of- battle table. My list was getting longer…and longer. But then I stopped. I set the “menu” aside. For another day…perhaps.

I began to see that the deepest wonder of that banquet was not the food. It was the presence of heaven’s “Chef” who had prepared the meal for me. The Chef who also came to the table as Host to welcome me. Who sat with me, encouraging me to taste the bounty of his table.

Ah…it was a wonder. That he should sit with me. Broken, battle-scarred me. And stay. Unhurried. While un-ease in the garb of demand and duty sought to call me  back to the battle, my Host bid me stay ‘Twas his love that drew me. ‘Twas not the delights of the table. But the love-for-the-least, love-without-measure welcome of the Host that daily calls me to sit with him at the table where caregivers are fed and renewed.

Lord, I’m coming. Help me to experience the renewal only you can give. Amen

Photo courtesy of Ken Jones, copyright 2016

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