Never Alone


In the most difficult situations you will face today, you are never alone. Say to yourself often, “The Lord is with me, I shall not want.” Then go quietly about your work, trusting in his constant supportive presence.

Take time to remind yourself that his great power is beyond your wildest imagination. Yet, the maker of the sun and the stars is your gentle caregiver.

“As tenderly as a father treats his children, so the Lord treats those that fear him.” (Psalm 103:13)

In all that this day brings…know that you are loved tenderly. In your most trying times, pause just for a moment to draw upon our Lord’s tender care. It is the deep reservoir from which you can draw to meet your own need…and be able to offer that same loving care to others.

Please help me, O Lord, to experience a new sense of your tenderness today. Amen.

Photo courtesy of Ken Jones, copyright 2016

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