Never Alone


As a caregiver, day in and day out you face a demanding schedule. Sometimes it can feel as if the full weight of a loved one’s care is on your shoulders.

Jesus promised “Surely I am with you always”. (Matthew 28:20) But in times of pressure, that promise can feel almost glib. And we’re tempted to respond, “but you just don’t understand”. But it may help to look at the situation in which Jesus spoke those words of promise.

For two and half years the disciples had been with Jesus day in and day out. They had walked together, talked together, eaten and slept together. Their lives had been supported and reshaped by his encouraging, reassuring physical presence. And now… all of that is about to change. He is leaving them. Perhaps you can imagine how empty and alone they must have felt.

“I am with you” is now going to have a whole new meaning…for his first disciples…and for you and me. He promises to be an unseen but constant presence. Constant in his insight and understand. Constant in his provision for our needed inner resources in even the most demanding of times.

Burdened? Feeling alone? Questioning? Uncertain? Hear his assuring words, meant for 21st century disciples as surely as they were for Peter and the others: “I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Prayer – LORD, let those ancient words of assurance strengthen me throughout this day. Amen

Photo courtesy of Ken Jones, copyright 2016

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