Love’s Limitless Sources


At the very core of our being, in our deepest, darkest, most hidden inner places, we are loved by heaven’s Beloved. Quietly. Completely. Lavishly. Way beyond our human ability to measure. Not because of anything we have done…or haven’t  done.
That Unearned Love of our LORD is meant to be our deepest, most certain source of inner strength. It is the day after day life-support for every caring task we are called on to perform. It is his kindness we show in each day’s – or night’s – routine. It is his tenderness that flows through us in even the most demanding of tasks.
We are able to love deeply, in even the most difficult of circumstances, only because we have been deeply loved by our sacrificing, loving LORD. We are not meant to be love-generators. In far too many circumstances that would be beyond our human capacity. We are meant to be our LORD’s love-channels. We draw from  his limitless resources to share his abundant, ever-and-always-reaching-out love.
Prayer – LORD, help me to be a clear channel of your love today. Amen
Photo courtesy of Ken Jones, copyright 2016

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