Look Higher


Just a few days ago we ‘stood” with King David as he looked at the hills around him and asked, “from where will my help come”. (Psalm 121:1) Today, as I faced what seemed to be my own impossible situation, all I could see was hills. No. They were more like mountains. And the longer and deeper I looked, the bigger they became. I wept in a sense of defeat.

I was living David’s question – “from where will my help come” But, instead of an answer, I felt a darkness that seemed to say, “There is no answer. Face reality! You can’t move mountains. You’ve tried.”

But then there came a whisper of grace, a soft wind of heaven, a quiet hope that seemed to say, “Look higher…above your hills of impossibility”. My mountains didn’t suddenly crumble or disappear. But with a new assurance I could face them with a confidence that comes from placing impossible situations in the hands of the God “who made heaven and earth, [and] who neither slumbers or sleeps”. (vs. 2,4)

From my newly quieted heart, whatever your “mountains” of impossibility, I urge you to look higher – to the God of the impossible.

May the might and power of our God lift your heart above any mountains of impossibility you are facing. Amen.

Photo courtesy of Ken Jones, copyright 2016

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