Living ‘Stranded-Together’

On the roadside just outside a small Mexican town I found a master woodcarver. He made grand pieces…life-size. The work of a skilled and careful hand. His deer seemed alive. His winged creatures looked to have been captured in full flight.

Then, as so often happens in a craftsman’s shop, I found a small wonder. Nothing grand. Yet, for me, finding it was a truly holy moment. It was a cross unlike any I had ever seen. From a single block of wood, the master had carved  a cross that appeared to be two strands woven together, as if the Savior’s life and mine had gone together to Calvary’s hill. In truth…they had. The Sinless One died for me.

That was years ago, but that “stranded cross” is just a few feet away as I write. It serves as a visible reminder that we were “stranded together” in his death…and in his resurrection. And that “stranded-together-life” continues. Held together by a holy fellowship – my ongoing confession and his willingness to forgive.  And like that craftsman made a single piece of wood into a two-stranded cross, our LORD weaves our lives together with his in order that we may touch needy lives with his  love and mercy through the wonder of this stranded-together life.

Prayer – Keep me, O LORD, from serving in my own strength. Teach me the wonder of being stranded-together with you. Amen

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