Living Easter’s Brightness

Easter isn’t simply a day on the Christian calendar. It’s an experience. A seven days a week, fifty-two weeks a year experience. It’s an empty tomb…that offers us a full life. It’s tragedy…turned to triumphant living. Alive-from-the-dead living. An Easter Sunday that rushes with resurrection life into…Easter Monday.

The holy explosion of Easter can’t be contained in a single day. So there’s Easter Monday…and Easter Tuesday. In fact, a whole week of celebrating Easter resurrection. And still more: an Easter quality of life. Where resurrection transforms frightened deniers – like Peter. And prove-it-to-me doubters-like Thomas. And all the rest of  us who quietly seek to live resurrected, liberated lives.

For centuries some in the church have called this week Bright Week. Today is Bright Monday. Tomorrow is…well, you get the picture. Traditionally, prayers that would normally be said…are sung. And Psalm 67, with its plea –“May GOD be gracious to us and make his face shine on us so that [his] ways may be known on earth” is sung throughout Bright Easter Week and beyond.

May our dark places give way to GOD’s bright light. May our brokenness be remolded into vessels for his life-giving service. Have a bright week

Prayer – Fill my life with your brightness, O LORD, and may it shine in warm and caring ways. Amen

Photo courtesy of Jill Naumann, copyright 2017

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