Lessons from the Wise Men

Ancient wise men saw a new, bright evening star. You might say that they were “captured” by that star, for what their eyes saw, their hearts chose to follow. They began their journey with no idea how long it would take. We call them “kings” because their gifts were costly, but their kingdom is unnamed. We call them Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar, because people who do important things need names and recognition, but the wise men remain anonymous. We do know their gifts: Gold- discovered, flame- fired, then melted and fashioned by a master’s hand. Frankincense and myrrh- the “tears” gathered from “weeping “ trees, sweet savor to serve as sacred anointing oils for priestly service. And what of the wise men themselves? They came searching, following and finding…then choosing to kneel in wonder and worship before the young King of all Kings. Then, as newly awakened listeners, they are guided home by a new, safe untried route.

But what are the “lessons from the Wise Men”? What can today’s wise caregiver learn? While we see no heavenly stars, we are called to follow our suffering- servant LORD. We serve a loved one and Him quietly, often unknown and unrecognized. We bring costly gifts of love and sacrifice to our daily service, gifts fashioned in testing fires, and gifts for the holy anointing of ourselves and the one we serve. We learn to kneel…often. And with the newly opened ears of our heart… we hear our Father’s direction and the certain promise of his abiding presence on this journey of caregiving.

Prayer, LORD, teach me the true wisdom of following you. Amen

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