Lessons for an Impatient Heart

The angels had it right. They knew the right order of the things of GOD. First – “glory to GOD in the highest”, and only then… “peace on earth to men [and women]”.

I try, and try again, to make it work the other way. My oft-troubled heart seeks peace, the quieting of my internal “storms”, and the resolution of my distresses. I don’t know if angels learn things, or if they just know the right way because they’re angels, but I’m beginning to learn from them.

Often my prayers are needs, needs and more needs. And then…I start hoping, seeking, looking for answers. I read the other day that Ann Voskamp, the writer said that she was not a writer…but a “wait-er” – waiting on the LORD for his word. That’s a quiet, stilled heart giving “glory to GOD in the highest” A heart that is learning to “wait on the LORD”, and be willing to stay there in his presence… absorbing his straightening-out, clarifying, stress-resolving glory.

I don’t hear angels singing, but I’m learning, like them, to give him glory. And I’m just beginning to learn the peace that comes from being a “wait-er”.

Prayer – LORD, help my oft-impatient heart to learn to wait on you. Amen

Photo courtesy of Ken Jones, copyright 2016

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