Learning to Trust


This devotion is part of a series that began on January 2nd. If you are just joining us, you may want to read the earlier devotions.

Why isn’t trusting a gift? You just get it…and you use it. Like breathing. Why does something so important have to be a learned behavior? And why does trusting and dependence have to be this one-day- at- a- time thing?

I’m beginning to see two answers to those questions. One: trust is born in a relationship. It’s not like trusting a scientific principle or a body of historical facts. It’s an intimate, very personal thing. The seeds of trust begin to take root in a relationship with Jesus and his sure promise of forgiveness and renewal.

Then comes the learning. Or the day-by-day discovery that the One we follow is faithful. We stumble…often. We fall…but find that he is still there. Picking us up. Binding our wounds. Comforting. Healing. Restoring. And, through all of the process, teaching us that he can be trusted. Helping us learn deeply in this life-long school of trust.

As a caregiver, today will have its unexpected events. I’m learning – or, really just beginning to learn to start each day with an open heart and open hands as a way of  placing all of each day’s unknowns in the strong, sure hands of the LORD. There’s room for you to join me in the waiting, trusting place.

Prayer – LORD, help me to practice trusting this day to your good care. Amen


In Loving Memory

Throughout this month, the Caregiver Prayer Team honors Fritz Benning who passed into the presence of his LORD on December 10, 2016. He was a beloved brother in this ministry and one of our founding partners. We commend his wife and family to GOD’s loving care.

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