“Learning to Follow”

When you think about it, caregivers are followers. The safety, the health, the comfort…and even the attitude of the one we care for depends on our willingness to follow instructions. Caregiving is a world of “read this”, “do it this way”, “watch me”.  And before long following becomes second nature.

But caregiving is more than a set of correct processes and procedures. It calls for our “heart” even more than our head and hands. For right attitudes as well as right actions. For following the instructor, rather than a set of instructions.

“Follow me” was Jesus simple invitation/instruction. “Follow me…and I will make you fishers of men”. In 21st century terms, he was saying “I’ll re-make you and give you a new sense of purpose. You’ll learn to touch lives deeply…and see them change.”

Following doesn’t mean having a new rule book. It does mean spending quality time with Jesus. Maybe even time without words. Time to ponder the depth of his love and compassion. Time to explore the wonder of obedient following .

Prayer – Save me from busyness, LORD. Teach me the simplicity of following Jesus. Amen

Photo courtesy of Jill Naumann, copyright 2017

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