Joy…In Spite of Darkness


For a caregiver, even the smallest sign that the one we serve is improving is a special source of joy. A kind of get-on-the-phone-and-tell-someone-about-it joy. A burst of new energy. A fresh perspective on your day.

Then…there’s the joy of mastering a new procedure. Something that used to feel awkward is on the way to becoming almost routine. And there are other small joys that need to be treasured because they lift and strengthen your spirit. Find some way to celebrate even the smallest joy.

But how do you make it through the dark days, the days when you don’t see  improvement. Or…the days of decline. Is there a deeper, inner, sustaining joy beyond, or even in-spite-of present circumstances?

There is a quality – a gift – the Scripture calls “the joy of the LORD”. A sure and certain inner resource when the present reality is dark and demanding. (Nehemiah 8:10) It can’t be earned or bought. It is found by an open, waiting, trusting heart.

Prayer – LORD, teach me how to quiet my heart and receive your joy. Amen

In Loving Memory


Throughout this month, the Caregiver Prayer Team honors Fritz Benning who passed into the presence of his LORD on December 10, 2016. He was a beloved brother in this ministry and one of our founding partners. We commend his wife and family to GOD’s loving care.

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