In Everything…Trust

The other day it struck me: Medicines are a big part of caregiving. Every day! This one in the morning. That one “only with food”. And another “take as needed”. You know this story well. It’s a life-sustaining routine. And…an act of trust.

Without even thinking about it, we trust the doctor to have prescribed the right medicine…in the right strength. And we’ve come to trust the pharmacist who filled the prescription…and the researchers who developed it. Then, without even thinking about it, we trust the government agency that tested and approved the drug.

In fact, all of our caregiving is based on trust. The one you care for must trust you, the caregiver. Your faithfulness in the crisis times and in the familiar daily routines strengthens the bonds of that trust. And only deep, abiding trust can sustain you day after caregiving day. An ever-deepening trust in our ever-caring Father.

Trust produces confidence. And confidence gives us a sustainable peace. The fact  that “His eye is on the sparrow” gives us the bedrock solid assurance that, in smooth times and rough, “ I can know our Father watches over me”. No detail of this…or any day…escapes his caring. “Trust in the LORD with all your heart”.

Teach me, O LORD, to trust you more fully in the routines and the uncertainties of this day. Amen.

Photo courtesy of Ken Jones, copyright 2017

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