Holy Moments

The insistent, daily demands of caregiver tend to drain the soul and deplete our energy. Even the simplest of tasks can be too much. Jesus’ call to those “who labor and are heavy laden” (Matthew 11:28) feels like an invitation with our name on it.

We hear the caregiver’s inner voices: “ I need a break!” “Doesn’t anyone else care?” “Somebody could at least….”. And we could fill the blanks a dozen times, or more. And every fill-in would be justified. Our caregiving needs are real. And  they need to be met.

But underneath the deepest needs I feel, is a still deeper need. The need for holy  moments. When caregiving pressures becomes like Moses’ burning bush –  (Exodus 3), calling us for a spiritual “time-out”. An experience that calls us to see that the place we are, the work we are doing is “holy ground”. A place of holy transformation. A place where duties become a call and commission from GOD.

Holy moments change our understanding of the tasks ahead. They sharpen our ability to “hear” our LORD’s directions. And they strengthen us for tasks that we would otherwise think impossible.

LORD, like Moses, I am your servant. Help me to find my holy place where my caregiving becomes a call…and I learn to serve in your fulfilling strength.  Amen

Photo courtesy of Ken Jones, copyright 2017

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