Help Wanted!

When I was just a youngster, a “comforter” was a warm quilt filled with down feathers. In my memory I can almost feel the “comfort” it gave when I got to use it. We only had one.

It was some years before I learned that there was a capital “C” Comforter – the Holy Spirit. When Jesus first told the disciples of this Comforter, the word meant “someone called to one’s side to help”.

That’s good, good news to caregivers. Two times good news. First…an unseen, but very real helper. Sent by our Father, Then welcomed by us for every day’s comfort and strengthening. We are never limited to our own resources.

But there are times when caregiving can be a lonely vigil. Another family member, or a caring friend would be a warm, welcome, small “c” comforter. But some of us choose to go it alone. To ask for help would be an admission of weakness. Or… we say to ourselves “people ought to see the need without being asked”.

Remember the definition of “comforter”- “one called to one’s side”. When the “I’ll do it myself” has left you in stresssss, call on your heavenly Comforter. Then call for the comfort of human help to come to your side. You’ll both be richer for the experience.

Prayer – LORD, when, for whatever reasons , I insist on “doing it myself”, teach me the strength that comes from calling for help. Amen

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