Healing Moments

Quiet moments can become holy moments. A touch can be healing. Tough tasks can be done with tenderness.

“Lay hands on the sick” is Jesus’ instruction to his disciples as he called them – and us – to a compassionate ministry of healing and hope. In a society that withdrew from the sick and even isolated them in the name of “safety”, Jesus touched the broken and diseased. Life-changing power was transmitted through a  touch.

As co-workers with our LORD, sharing with him in his ministry of healing, we need to learn that every touch touches the soul. Sometimes in expressions of tenderness. Sometimes in the relief of tensions. In fact…our hands can become the healing, relieving, blessing hands of Jesus. At times we may pray – silently or  aloud – as we touch. At other times the love and care in our touch becomes a wordless healing prayer.

Lord, teach my hands and my heart to be instruments of your healing love. Amen

Photo courtesy of Ken Jones, copyright 2017

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