God Never Fails


God cares for you, regardless of what you may feel at this moment. He never fails. Some days our sense of His caring is so real that it seems to flow into us…and through us… with the freshness of a mountain spring. Then…there are days when it takes everything you can muster just to go through the motions of caring. That “mountain spring” isn’t flowing.

When we reach the end of our resources, our Father’s full giving is only begun.

When we have nothing left to give, we need to draw on God’s caring, sensitivity and patience. His resources…not ours…are the source of deep healing for us and those for whom we care. Reflect on the fact that you are deeply loved. Allow our Lord, the ultimate loving caregiver, to fill you with his immeasurable, supportive love.

Help me, O Lord, to share your love more fully today. Amen.

Photo courtesy of Ken Jones, copyright 2016

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