God, My Protector


“In the shadow of your wings I will take refuge.” (Psalm 57:1)

Mary loved to watch a hen are for her chicks. And the more she watched, the more she came to see that the mother hen had a very special “language”. There was one cluck that meant “Come, little ones. It’s feeding time”, and another that warned of danger.

One afternoon in the yard, Mary watched as a hawk soared high above her. She was captivated by the grace with which the great bird flew. But then suddenly she caught her breath as the hawk dove toward the hen and her chicks. Just the shadow of the hawk alerted the ever watchful hen. And she “clucked” a very different sound. “Danger is coming”, it said. And the chicks ran to the sure, safe cover of mother’s protective wings.

Today will have its share of unexpected experiences, but we need not fear.

To our Great Protector, there are no surprises.

He knows what is ahead. He is ever-watching, and his loving, protective heart reaches out to us. We are his, and he calls us to run to the shelter of his covering wings.

Shelter me throughout this day, O Lord. I trust you.

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