Fountains of Joy


Rivers are alive. Unpredictable. Sometimes they move with an awesome force. leaving destruction in their wake. Sometimes they flow lazily, as if they were saying, “Come in. Let me cool and quiet you.” Rivers call us to new far off places.

By contrast, fountains call the child in all of us to play. To experience sheer joy. To catch shafts of pure rainbow light through their cascading waters. To live again. Refreshed. Lifted. As if, only for a moment, our cares were gone, and we are once again a carefree child.

Is it, then, any wonder that the Psalmist’s experience reminds us that

“River fountains splash joy, cooling God’s city.”

(Psalm 46:4, The Message)

The “fountain” of our Lord’s presence wants to “cool” your “city” – the place where you are called to care. He offers to make you a fountain, a “splash” of joy where there may be little or none.

Lord, may I let your fountain of joy flow through me today.

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